Revolut Ultra: The Ultimate Financial and Lifestyle Upgrade

Revolut is the best fintech tool for banking, trading, and making payments. Revolut Ultra, its most premium and comprehensive package to date, was just introduced. You may obtain the finest living advantages, the best travel perks, and a shot at getting rich with this plan.

What are some of Revolut Ultra’s best features?

The features of Revolut Ultra cover many bases and improve many facets of your life. Some of the highlights are as follows:

A card with platinum plating. The platinum card that comes with Revolut Ultra is as sleek and sophisticated as the service itself. Use this card for purchases anywhere in the globe and receive 1% cash back, up to the monthly plan maximum.

  • Use of affiliated memberships. The finest of the best, including Financial Times Premium, NordVPN, WeWork, and more, are all at your fingertips with Revolut Ultra. Not all regions can sign up for all partner subscriptions.
  • Standard insurance coverage. Coverage for common purchases is extensive with Revolut Ultra, including protection against theft, cancellation of tickets, and insurance for mobile phones and other electronics. Conditions related to insurance coverage apply.
  • Unrestricted use of airport lounges With Revolut Ultra, you get access to more than 1400 airport lounges across the world, where you can relax and enjoy complimentary food and drinks. The same caveats apply.
  • Complete travel protection. All of your travel woes, from missed flights to lost bags to medical emergencies to ski accidents to vehicle rental excess to lost luggage to personal liability, are covered with Revolut Ultra. Conditions related to insurance coverage apply.
  • Money-Back Guarantee on Lodging! With up to 10% cashback on lodgings booked through the Revolut app, Revolut Ultra is a great way to save money on your next trip.
  • Benefits of Investing in Stocks For the first 10 stock transactions per month on Revolut Ultra, there is no commission charged; after that, the fee is 0.12% of the order value (or minimum country-specific fee). There may be more charges. The money you invest might lose value. The usual caveats of commerce apply.
  • Tariffs for individual transactions are called “exclusive trade fees.” When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies and commodities, Revolut Ultra has the lowest costs available, at just 0.49% and 1.49%, respectively. In contrast, the Standard plan’s crypto costs are 1.99% (minimum charge £1.49). Neither controlled nor safeguarded. Values can fall. There might be a tax bill.
  • Increased financial flexibility. Revolut Ultra gives you the opportunity to earn up to 3% interest each day (depending on market conditions) on your funds. No minimum payment or quantity is required, and there are no associated costs. The same caveats apply.

Revolut Ultra, how much does it cost?

The annual fee for Revolut Ultra is £550, or £45 per month. Get 5% back on all Ultra purchases in your first month when you join the queue and upgrade to the yearly plan. The costs of the ultra plan are as follows. If you downgrade within 14 days, you’ll get a refund equal to the monthly plan price.

What are the steps to receive Revolut Ultra?

Current Revolut clients in specific areas can request access to Revolut Ultra via invitation only. Clicking “Ultra” on the Revolut app or visiting will add you to the waiting list.

If you’re looking for the full Revolut experience with your money, the Ultra plan is for you. Revolut Ultra caters to everyone, regardless of their way of life, vacation plans, or financial situation.

Most frequently asked questions about Revolut Ultra

What is Revolut Ultra?

Revolut Ultra is the new Revolut card, that you can compare to the American Express Platinum card.

How much does the Revolut Ultra card cost?

The annual fee for Revolut Ultra is £550, or £45 per month.

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